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About Us

Branching Tree Therapy, LLC was founded by a speech-language pathologist eager to promote greater family involvement and training into early intervention services, along with multi-cultural speech-language services to their families. Our clinic shapes each child based on their needs and levels of performance, while continuously assessing through naturalistic observations and dynamic assessment. Branching Tree Therapy, LLC contracts with Harbor Regional Center and Regional Center of Orange County.

Our Logo's Meaning

Branching Tree Therapy, LLC believes that each child requires crucial foundational language skills (roots) that are shaped (hand) by an individualized plan (branch) in order to promote the child's voice through the various modalities (leaves and speaking bubbles) offered by our clinicians.


Our therapists work alongside a variety of cultural backgrounds, diagnosis, and severities. Each Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) is closely observed and implemented according to the child and family's needs and concerns.  

Our Purpose

Branching Tree Therapy, LLC is an early intervention speech-language pathology provider for children ages 18 months-3 years old. Our therapists work alongside their child and families in their natural environments, such as their homes, in order to promote strong foundational speech-language skills necessary for everyday communication. 


Additionally, our therapists provide parent training to ensure successful implementation of learnt skills to everyday routines and environments.

Department of Developmental Services website page is

Department of Developmental Services telephone number is 916-654-1987.

BTT's Team


Verenice Meza

M.A. CCC-SLP, Owner


Yazmin Martinez

Program Director 


Jacqueline Hernandez



Cynthia Rodriguez



Jocelyn Barron


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